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Upcoming Activity

Birding, Poetry and Power

What birding can teach us about community


Saturday, May 11 2024


10:00 am - 11:30 am


Indigo Goodson-Fields


Pay what you wish, $15 Suggested Donation

Max # of Participants:


About Facilitator

Indigo Goodson-Fields is a poet, writer and birder based in Brooklyn. She served as a New York Birding Consultant on the For the Birds exhibition committee at Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. Indigo is featured on an episode of Always Be Birdin’ and The Brian Lehrer Show.


Nature is for the birds! In this community bird walk, participants will become familiar with our local “backyard birds” and migratory birds and be able to identify them with sight and sound. This walking workshop will allow us to discuss community and bird behavior across themes of migration, symbolism, and more.

Each walk will end with a moment of reflection and journaling in response to a writing prompt provided by the artist. 

May Prompt: There are always birds around us. Some are birds we may notice all the time like pigeons,  house sparrows, and Northern Mockingbirds. Some are birds we may have to look for like Red-tailed Hawks, American Goldfinches, and Ruby-crowned kinglet. Reflect on the ways that being visible and ever-present can shape one’s perception of something. How does the search to “find” something or someone shift perception?

What's Included

  • 3 pairs of share binoculars

What to Bring

  • Binoculars (optional) 
  • Download Merlin Bird ID app to help identify birds by sound and sight (optional)
  • Download eBird to keep track of the birds you see (optional)


This is a 1.5-hour, moving, workshop. 


Rain or shine. If weather is inclement, we will email participants 2 hours before the start of the event. Wheelchair accessible. Bathroom accessible.